Dardemann is an Expert Consultant working with Provecta in Automation for:

  • conventional power generation
  • related processes and systems
  • energy efficiency audits

About John Dardemann

  • Trades: Instrumentmaker; Aircraft mechanik
  • Professional career: Master of Engineering in Automation - Jade Hochschule Germany; Master of Business Administration (Technology) - Deakin University Melbourne
  • Business career: Senior Commissioning Engineer with Siemens Germany; Manager Maintenance and Services with Siemens Australia; Service Manager with Onelink (ERG); Director and Senior Consultant with own company
  • CSR Victoria & Invecta Sugar Mills
  • Cadbury Confectionary Factory
  • Heinz Watties Food Plants
  • Carnegy Wave Energy
  • Kallpa & Chilca Cogen Plants, Peru
  • Bangpoo & Nong Khae Cogen Plants, Thailand
  • Gardner Snyder Plant, Phillipines

Main Projects

Dipl.-Ing. VDI Germany

Fellow of Engineers Australia, CPENG

MBA Technology