Our Services, Your Benefit

We have provided automation services worldwide for more than 50 power stations

These include all fuels, drum and once through flow boilers and associated turbines and balance of plant.

We have performed energy audits for efficiency improvement and emission reduction.

Our expertise includes development, analysing and modelling creating innovative solutions for renewable energy generation.

General Industrial Services

Investigation and optimisation:

  • Heating and cooling (heat exchangers and industrial boilers)
  • Combustion issues
  • Processing plant energy usage
  • Renewable energy solutions

Specific Services

Conventional Power Services

Automation for:

  • Drum boilers to supercritical one-through-flow boilers
  • Incinerator type combustion, fossil and bio fuels
  • Condensation and back-pressure turbo sets
  • Comined cycle plants

Audits and improvement projects:

  • Sugar mills
  • Food industry
  • Paper mills
  • Steel plants
  • Chemical industry
  • NFPA compliance